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What are ways survey companies can scam you?

Paying For Lessons Learned

Online survey scammers play the numbers game. Usually, they set their price pretty low for whatever they're promising. That way, they can get people signing up in droves. Their sign up/membership fee is a way for scammers to get your money and call it "validation."

Another method they use is creating false lessons. “We'll teach you how to make money taking surveys for only $34.95!” This “for only $” should be a giveaway that their site might not be on the up and up. So keep this in mind before you sign up for their “can't miss” online course.

Can you support yourself only doing paid surveys?

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Making money while sitting in your bathrobe surfing the Internet all day sounds like the perfect fantasy. But that's all it is – a fantasy. It is true you can make some money doing Internet surveys. However, it won't be enough to retire on. When taking these surveys be realistic. Getting paid $5 per survey will give you some cash to burn, but won't do much for your investment vehicle.

However, to make some serious bucks you'd have to spend every waking moment in front of the computer – with or without your bathrobe. And that's assuming you'd be able to get all of those survey opportunities. It's a better idea to look at paid surveys as a side hobby that pays for itself.

How can you get paid for web blogs?

Blog For Bucks

Blogs: The diary for the new millennium. Essentially, these are sites that display written thoughts and opinions. They hit on an endless range of topics. At first, companies were worried by the “common man e-voice" trying to destroy big business with their product tales of woe. However, companies have learned to play nice with these Internet individuals who stand on their soap boxes.

Now these opinions can actually net people cash. If your blog has a strong readership, relevant companies might try and advertise on your blog site. You'll need to prove that you have a following but there are many kinds of tracking software on the market that can do this for you. Not only can they tell how many people clicked on your site, but what blog entries were the most popular.

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