Taking An Interest Without Knowing It

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How do companies make you take interest surveys without knowing it?

Taking An Interest Without Knowing It

“1984” was a book of fantasy. A society where everyone was being watched by the all-knowing “Big Brother.” Today, this presence is actually felt in our day-to-day lives. Though, it is not nearly as ominous. Usually, it comes in the form of interest surveys we as consumers take without even knowing it.

If you own TIVO or shop on a site like Amazon you would be exposed to these invisible surveys.

TIVO watches you watch your programs. Then, based on the shows you choose it will go off on its own and record stuff of similar interest for you to watch. Amazon will actually look at your last purchases then suggest similar-type books that you might like to read.

These two cases are pretty harmless and actually helpful. Though, it should serve as a warning to you that you are being watched.



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