Posters Or PowerPoint?

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When should you use PowerPoint?

Posters Or PowerPoint?

The survey analysis is done. The graphs are all set up. Now you're ready for the next stage: Presenting.

Preparing for your presentation is essential. Your preparation of the visuals will be a little different if the presentation is for a small group of people as opposed to a giant company conference room.

For smaller crowds, you can probably blow up the graphs and mount them on poster boards. Just remember when you are presenting place the boards where everyone can see them. Don't stand in front of them when talking.

If you are speaking in front of a larger crowd boards won't cut it. In this case you should utilize a projector with a program like PowerPoint. This software allows you to create slide show-like presentations with ease. Plus, the benefit of using a projector means you can make the visual as big as you want and display it anywhere. After the presentation, you can email your PowerPoint presentation to others.



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