Reasons for Unsubscribing to Survey Sites

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Why would I unsubscribe?

Reasons for Unsubscribing to Survey Sites

When you unsubscribe from a survey site and they ask you to input your reason for being removed, you should be as honest as possible. This assists the site in knowing what the positive and negative attitudes are toward their site. The reasons a person may choose to unsubscribe are as varied as the sites themselves. It could be the frequency of surveys, the lack of qualifying surveys, the lack of incentives offered, the slim chance of winning one of the drawings or sweepstakes offered or the spam mail that accompanies being signed up with the site. It may be that the reason you mention is something the site can fix or resolve in a way to make you happy or that they are trying to improve already. By being honest in your responses to them, you give them a chance to reconcile your decision to unsubscribe.



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