One Easy Way to Unsubscribe to All Survey Sites at the Same Time

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How can I unsubscribe to all the survey sites at the same time?

One Easy Way to Unsubscribe to All Survey Sites at the Same Time

One way to segregate the mail that you get from surveys, especially if you are signed up to numerous sites, is to have an e-mail address solely dedicated to mail from surveys. This way, you will be able to track better which sites are sending you mail. And if you decide to no longer participate in surveys at all, there is an easy way to unsubscribe to all the sites at once. You can cancel the e-mail account, sending the signal back to the survey site that the e-mail is no longer valid when they try to send you mail. The other option is to just stop checking the mail entirely. As far as the sites know, you just do not respond to mail sent to that address. And after some time of inactivity, the e-mail provider may suspend your account from further use until you log back on. This will wipe out any messages received and not allow any further messages to be sent.



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