How to Regularly Participate in Online Research Surveys

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How do I participate in surveys?

How to Regularly Participate in Online Research Surveys

There are many free sites on the Internet that will provide lists of survey companies that compensate to take surveys. Research each company listed to compare the compensation plans, amount of personal information needed, frequency of surveys and type of surveys offered (i.e. online surveys, phone surveys, in-person surveys, or focus groups). When you find one or more that match up to your needs, fill out the online application providing your e-mail address to be contacted. After you sign up you may be contacted as often as every other day or as infrequently as every few months depending on the amount of surveys offered through the company you chose. When you are selected for a survey, you will receive an e-mail asking you to either follow a link to the survey or log on to the company website to take the survey. If you have opted in your application to accept phone surveys, in person surveys, or product testing surveys, you will also receive specific instructions about these through your e-mail.



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