Types of Surveys Available

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What types of surveys are available?

Types of Surveys Available

Survey sites can offer many different types of surveys to participate in that will fit into your lifestyle and schedule. Some of the different types are:
•Online Surveys- received in your e-mail up to every day. You just
follow the link in the e-mail to complete the survey. This can be done
from any where that you access a computer- home or at work.
•Phone Surveys- can be done at home or on-the-go when you provide the survey company your home or cell phone number to call for a survey. These are
usually preceded by an e-mail invitation to get your permission to
call at a certain time.
•In-Person Surveys- require you to live close enough to a facility to travel to them at a certain time on a certain date. You will be well compensated for these surveys as they may require that you spend a good part of the day there participating in surveys or focus groups.
•Online or In Person Focus Groups- require that you be available to meet
with several other people for a group discussion either online or at a
facility to discuss certain products or services. These also are very well compensated because they require more time to complete, usually several hours.



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