Why is Confidentiality so Important?

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Why is confidentiality so important?

Why is Confidentiality so Important?

Confidentiality of information protects against unauthorized use or unintended access. Confidentiality is an integral part of the online security process along with system availability and integrity of the data. If confidentiality or privacy is violated, the security of the system is breached. Security of online data systems is what allows companies like survey sites to store personal information without fear of violating privacy policies. The burden is on both the panelists as well as the site's management to follow the privacy regulations.



10/9/2007 8:27:53 AM
samantha said:

i think this tip is very useful for thise who do not fully understand what confidentiality exactly is... It has helped me alot with my college assignment thanks xx

1/29/2012 3:04:24 PM
google said:

Very useful comment .... Helped alot Thank you :)


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