One Sure Way to Test Spam for its Validity Before Reporting

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Can I test spam mail?

One Sure Way to Test Spam for its Validity Before Reporting

If a person receives an e-mail from an unfamiliar address that they are unsure of, there is a way to find out if the mail is from a human or online automatic response marketing manager. This will protect the recipient from receiving a spam message that could be laden with viruses. Basically, upon receipt of the message, the recipient would issue a “challenge” to the sender. They would e-mail a response asking the sender to complete a task. It could be to solve a puzzle or visit a website to prove that they are real. If the task is completed, the recipient will know the sender's message is not spam. The challenge itself should not be considered spam, however, if you receive a challenge from a person that you never sent mail to, then the challenge mail would be spam.



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