Confirmation Opt-In Mailings Protect Both Parties

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How does the confirmation e-mail protect me?

Confirmation Opt-In Mailings Protect Both Parties

If you receive a confirmation e-mail for a service or Web site you signed up with, usually you will have to follow a link to activate or subscribe to the Web site. This final confirmation protects both the sender as well as the recipient. The sender can now prove that you did indeed opt-in to receive mailings if that is ever questioned. And the recipient can keep a copy of the e-mail filed away to remember which websites they have joined.
Confirmation messages should be very brief and not include extra marketing material. Use good judgment to determine if they are real and if you really signed on with the company. Some spammers attempt to make their marketing mail look like a confirmation for a purchase or opt-in mailing when in fact it is not. This trick will usually make you open it, but do not be fooled.



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