Other Incentives Offered By Survey Companies

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What other incentives are offered by survey companies?

Other Incentives Offered By Survey Companies

Some other incentives offered by survey companies could include:

·Prizes- Popular prizes consist of ipods or other electronics, free
music, tee shirts and gift certificates.

·Drawings or Cash Sweepstakes- These could range from $5 to upwards of $1000
depending on the company. Of course, the chance of winning depends on the number of people who took the survey. Sometimes the site may tell you in advance whether the chances are high or not that you could win.

·Points- Many sites add points to an account for every survey you complete. These points can be redeemed for cash
or merchandise.

·Raffles- Some sites allow you to buy raffle chances for completed surveys. The odds of winning the raffle will
depend on the number of surveys completed. The raffle prizes could be
cash or merchandise.



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