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Why should you not take a survey emailed to you?

Spam Could Be Spying

Seeking out surveys is probably better than the survey seeking you. It might not be such a good idea to take a survey that was sent to your email address. Especially if you didn't sign up for it.

Sometimes hackers might send viruses this way. These viruses might destroy your hard drive. Plus, they might also steal personal information you have stored on your computer. So be careful before you click. It's also a good idea to add safe-survey companies to your address book, so you know what is legit, and what is spam email.

What is a type of survey scam?

Take, Without Getting Taken

By taking a survey, you are doing a company a favor and you could get an incentive of some sort. But it's not the other way around. Why on earth would you have to pay to take a survey? Scam artists might make up fake reasons why you should, but don't fall for it. Just move a long -- there are enough free survey alternatives on the Web.

Why is it good to take online surveys?

Go Survey Surfing On Your Time

Surveys can be administered in a variety of ways -- telephone, written, and of course, online. You could be taking a survey on an interesting topic, but if it's being administered by someone else it can get frustrating, especially if it runs long. That's why it's optimal to take a survey online and you can take it at your leisure.

Why are brand surveys fun?

Brand Bonanza

Surveys can be fun because of the questions, and because of the company administering the survey. For instance, if you love pizza, then look to take a survey from your favorite pizza chain. It might be right up your alley because:

  • You could have an impact in helping create a new product
  • You might get incentives for taking the survey (coupons, sweepstakes, etc.)
  • You could learn more about your favorite pizza company.

How do you find fun surveys on the net?

Net Fun Surveys

Surveys are a set of questions aimed at collecting data and the range of topics for these surveys is endless. Whatever topic you can think of, chances are there is a survey for it. Some surveys are created for the academia society including research projects, quantitative analysis etc. However, if you are interested in taking a survey that is of the fun nature turn on the computer.

First, check your email. Chances are the droves of spam you get could include some legitimate surveys. Though, an easier route to take would be to surf for them. Use any search engine. Type in “survey” and you'll net a whole mess of fun online surveys (and some not so fun ones) to choose from.

Why shouldn't you give personal information when dealing with survey sites?

Getting Personal

Just because you're taking a survey from a company or live person doesn't mean they are legit. It could be a survey scam. The best way to figure out if this market research company is on the up and up is by the type of set up questions they ask. Yes, many survey sites require some personal info, but this is usually so they can let you know when other surveys have been released.

However, if they start to ask about more personal information like bank accounts and credit card information, you should be a bit more wary. In most cases there should be no reason why you should have to release confidential stuff like your social security number.

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