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How do I unsubscribe?

Stop Receiving Unwanted E-mails from Survey Companies

Sometimes after signing on with a survey company to do surveys, you may decide that you do not want to continue with the company. When this happens, you can easily unsubscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the latest e-mail received and following the unsubscribe link. This will probably take you to an automated responder that will tell you that you have been removed from the list. You may also receive an e-mail confirming that you have been removed. In following the link to unsubscribe, you may also be taken to a form asking why you have chosen to unsubscribe to the service. Be honest and tell the company why you no longer wish to receive surveys from them. When you are done, hit enter or submit and you will be unsubscribed.
Keep in mind that the unsubscribe process may not happen immediately. Because the process is automated and there may be messages in queue to be sent, you may still receive a few e-mails from this company even after unsubscribing.

What are the drawbacks of unsubscribing?

Drawbacks to Unsubscribing

If you do choose to unsubscribe from a survey site, you could be missing out on incentives that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Some sites have sweepstakes or drawings monthly or quarterly in amounts up to $10,000. Some surveys pay cash or award points that can be traded in for cash or merchandise. Many product-testing surveys send you products to try and keep just for filling out a survey about your household's opinion of the product. These products may not have even hit the market and yet you are able to influence the marketing, advertising, or manufacturing of the product.
If you are not signed up just for the ability to share your opinion, survey sites may actually be able to bring in a part-time income for the savvy surveyor.

Why would I unsubscribe?

Reasons for Unsubscribing to Survey Sites

When you unsubscribe from a survey site and they ask you to input your reason for being removed, you should be as honest as possible. This assists the site in knowing what the positive and negative attitudes are toward their site. The reasons a person may choose to unsubscribe are as varied as the sites themselves. It could be the frequency of surveys, the lack of qualifying surveys, the lack of incentives offered, the slim chance of winning one of the drawings or sweepstakes offered or the spam mail that accompanies being signed up with the site. It may be that the reason you mention is something the site can fix or resolve in a way to make you happy or that they are trying to improve already. By being honest in your responses to them, you give them a chance to reconcile your decision to unsubscribe.

How can I unsubscribe to all the survey sites at the same time?

One Easy Way to Unsubscribe to All Survey Sites at the Same Time

One way to segregate the mail that you get from surveys, especially if you are signed up to numerous sites, is to have an e-mail address solely dedicated to mail from surveys. This way, you will be able to track better which sites are sending you mail. And if you decide to no longer participate in surveys at all, there is an easy way to unsubscribe to all the sites at once. You can cancel the e-mail account, sending the signal back to the survey site that the e-mail is no longer valid when they try to send you mail. The other option is to just stop checking the mail entirely. As far as the sites know, you just do not respond to mail sent to that address. And after some time of inactivity, the e-mail provider may suspend your account from further use until you log back on. This will wipe out any messages received and not allow any further messages to be sent.

What other ways can I unsubscribe?

Alternative Ways to Unsubscribe from Surveys

In addition to following the unsubscribe link in an e-mail, there are several other ways to remove yourself from a survey mailing list.
* Respond to the e-mail with
Remove or Unsubscribe in the
subject line.
* Find contact information on the
website with a phone or physical
* Send an e-mail to member services
with an unsubscribe request.

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