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Why should you pay attention to the source of the interet survey?

Trust, Before You Take

There is no shortage of web surveys. Before you use any of this survey data you should take a look at the source.

  • Are they reputable?
  • Are they a college?
  • A prominent news source?

The Internet gives anyone the right to say practically anything. This means that people can administer their own surveys, and sometimes fudge or create their own data to prove their points. This false data floats around the Web waiting for someone to pick it up -- do some research on the source before you use any survey research.

Where can you find survey samples?

Surf For Samples

Designing your first survey can be pretty complicated. First, you need a topic. Then you need to create relevant questions. Write an introduction. And let's not forget analyzing the data. It's a lot of work, especially for someone new to all of this.

The best way to start a survey project like this is by using the Web. Surf for similar survey topics and get an idea of how your survey could be designed. Before you use any sample surveys as a guide, you should make sure they come from a reputable source.

Why should you open surveys that are emailed to you?

Spam It's Not

In the 1990s, email was in its infant stages. If "you got mail," you probably would've opened it, no matter who it was from. Today, with all kinds of spam and viruses being dropped on our e-doorstep. we've become a bit more skeptical.

In fact, lots of times people won't even open an email if they are not absolutely certain who it's from. Keep this in mind if you're creating an online survey -- especially when you are sending out the invites.

If the link will be sent by the survey site itself you should make sure everyone knows it's coming. Send a personal email from yourself that announces the survey. This way they won't accidentally banish it to the e-trash.

What should you include in your survey introduction?

Internet Needs An Intro

One of the advantages of doing a survey in person is the "set-up" factor. Before you present the survey to people you can let them know all the essential details up front. If you are creating a Web survey, this pre-setup should come in the form of a written introduction. Some things you should include are:

  • The topic of the survey.
  • Survey instructions.
  • An approximation of the amount of time the web survey will take.

What should you pay attention to when using survey data from the web?

Behind The Times

Say you are doing a paper or project on TV usage and you are looking to find out how many people watch TV. Looking for online surveys is probably your best bet to quickly retrieve data. However, don't just take this data at face value. There could be factors that could make this survey totally useless.

Since techno-revolutions happen over night, data fields like dates and times might be obsolete, especially when it comes to technology like television set models, stereo equipment or cellphones.

In what way can I get more people to respond to a mailed survey?

Offer Money in Mailed Survey

If you want to get someone random to reply or respond to your survey request, add a dollar bill or coupon in the envelope along with the survey. Social research has shown that even such a small gift as a dollar bill or a coupon to a store makes people more likely to respond to a survey. The theory is that people feel obligated to reply out of respect for the generous gift, albeit so small. Also, it will get people to read the survey request and/or to complete the survey once they are stimulated by the small token included in the envelope.

Another tip is to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the filled survey to be returned to you. You should make surveys as simple and convenient as possible to ensure you get a valid response.

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