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How can you join a survey panel?

Inviting Surveys

Even with junk mail filters spam has a way of seeping into our lives. The spam filter can be a detriment to those who are interested in taking free online surveys.

It's hard to trust the ones that have wound up in your inbox unannounced. More often than not they turn out to be scams. So if you do want to take a legitimate survey you will have to seek them out. One way to do this is going to the site itself that offers the survey. If they are not administering surveys at the time you can join what is called a survey panel -- their emailing list. When something does come up they'll send you an email invitation with a link to the free online surveys.

How can you get paid safely doing surveys?

Safe Survey Payments

Getting paid to do online surveys can be a Catch-22. On one hand it is great to get paid money to voice your opinion. On the other hand, to get paid you might have to give out personal information -- like a credit card number or your social security number.

In this case you may want to use a virtual wallet. This is an e-account you set up so survey companies can automatically deposit the money, then you can transfer it to your bank account. The benefit here is an extra layer of security. You don't have to release any bank account or credit card info to the survey companies themselves. Paypal is one of the more popular companies.

However, before you sign on look over all of the conditions an online pay company sets. They might seem similar to a regular bank, but not in all areas so make sure you understand the differences.

What are satisfaction surveys?

Satisfaction Surveys Guaranteed

A satisfaction survey is the questionnaire that is usually administered at the end of the class course or hotel stay. It will either be given to you in person or be an online survey. It usually is a short questionnaire that gauges how satisfied you were with something. A lot of people might look at this as a waste of time. Not worth the effort to spend 5 minutes filling out. Some people might not be honest either.

However, these surveys do serve a purpose. They can offer a company or institution needed feedback as to how they can improve their service, which will actually benefit you in the long run.

Why would you want your identity to be secret on a survey?

Your Secret Should Be Safe

A survey measures a person's personal thoughts, and they are designed for a variety of different people to ensure a variety of different responses. The answers shouldn't be tainted, especially with surveys that deal with controversial topics. That's why market research companies or institutions will make sure surveys remain confidential.

A person with certain opinions might opt to voice them on the survey. However, if their name became public it might cause a problem. So if you are taking a survey read the fine print carefully. Find out if your name will be withheld from the public. Also check to see if you even have to include your name and personal information.

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