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Why are incentives important?

The Importance of Incentives

A survey site may offer respondents incentives to thank them for participating. Incentives entice panelists to join and take surveys. Research has shown that cash incentives get more participation than other incentives, but there are a multitude of other types of prizes and goodies to be had by completing surveys. The incentives are based on the type and size of the survey. The longer, more involved the survey, the bigger the incentive. Small surveys that only take a few minutes may have no incentive at all beyond the opportunity to share your opinion and make a difference.

What are multi-tier affiliate programs?

Multi-Tier Affiliate Programs

Some affiliate programs may offer two or more tiers that will allow you to be paid a bonus for people referred by the people you refer. This means that if someone you refer to a survey site joins the site's affiliate program and begins referring people, you make extra money if one of their referrals signs up. The more tiers there are to the affiliate program the more levels they will send you a bonus for if people under you sign up. Even if you don't actively promote the affiliate program referral bonus, most people will probably find it on their own by checking out the site and they may choose to sign up for the affiliate program even without your suggestion.

Do survey sites give gift certificates as incentives?

Gift Certificates as Incentives

Gift certificates are second to cash when it comes to incentives for survey companies. Gift certificates are becoming ever increasingly popular because of their flexibility and the fact that they can now be used online. Popular online companies to give surveys from are,, and because of the abundance of stores to choose from.

What are product incentives?

Product Incentives

Some survey sites test products before market for clients. In these cases, the incentive for testing the product is the opportunity to use and keep the product even after the test is complete. This may not mean as much if the product is consumable such as food. In that case, surveys for cash may be offered.
For product tests, the survey site will ship the item to you at their expense with the evaluation forms included in the package or instructions on how to complete an online evaluation after the testing is complete. You will be given a certain date by which to complete the evaluation and return it to the company or fill it out online.

What is Sub-Id Tracking?

What is Sub-Id Tracking?

Some sites that offer affiliate programs may also offer sub-id tracking so that you can track the visitors you send who sign up on the site. This program will allow you to see from which source you are getting the most affiliate signups. If you see which promotions are working well and getting visitors to the site who sign up, you also will be able to see where you are in need of improvement so that you can make more money from your affiliate program. Using the survey site's advice for getting the most out of the referral plan and tracking your visitors, you can create a supplemental income to your survey taking.

What is a survey affiliate program?

Survey Affiliate Programs

Survey affiliate programs offer panelists the opportunity to make more money by referring people to the survey Web site to sign up. If someone you refer signs up, you can get a cash bonus, percentage, or points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes. This opportunity can create a great second income stream if you are promoting it properly and you choose a site that offers a good referral bonus. Some survey sites may even offer help in setting up an affiliate selling site by offering you free banners, ads, text links, and advice for how to make the most money.

Do surveys pay cash?

Surveys for Cash

Research shows that cash draws people to take surveys more than any other incentive. Cash outweighs even online and paper gift certificates, which are the same as cash essentially. However, there are few legitimate survey companies that pay straight cash every time you take a survey. Most companies only pay cash if the survey takes over 15-20 minutes to complete. If it's a smaller, 5-10 minute survey, an array of other chances at prizes or merchandise will be the incentive. Surveys that do pay cash are advertised to pay between $2 and $200 per survey. Surveys targeted at certain professions or demographics will pay more.

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